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Originally Posted by rayjay View Post

Any new updates that you can share?

30 days since your last post.

Curiosity is getting the best of me. giggle-giggle

Hey RJ,

Ive been busy.

I have been testing and modifying the logic board for the controller, as well as working on my corvette and working on the 1000A controller. Its all coming together. I plan to try and test the controller tonight with the Uprising logic board on a hydraulic pump at 24V. This setup is capable of 110A for 10 minutes.

As for my car, The frame is finally done and now, I just have to strip the body and do the body work. My goal is the middle of april to be ready for the EV-ent down in Macungie PA on May 5th.

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You can download RTD Explorer for the Cougar controllers at
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