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Third Conversion, ultra efficient (1993 Geo Metro EV)

After doing a few conversions and doing a lot of research and developement, I came up with some good ideas to build something that is more efficient. This 1993 Metro was selected for its already light curb weight, and the basic theme of the car is to build it with lightweight materials. As most members of this forum are already aware, the biggest factors in efficiency are weight and the rolling resistance associated with it, and aerodynamic drag. The other huge thing that effects a cars efficiency is heat. When you pop the hood of a car and get blasted by a wave of heat, those are dollars and cents that go up into the air. The heat that goes out the exhaust pipe is a huge waste as well. Heat is waste, so this car will be equipped with an HPEVS AC35 and Curtis 1238 7601 controller.

Here is the Metro. Old, worn out, rod knock, and cheap.

First order of business is to get rid of that fuel hog 3 cylinder engine, and all the related stuff that runs it.

And then fit up the motor and factory 5 speed transmission

The two mounts on the transmission are the stock mounts, and the bracket on the end of the motor was fabricated to use the factory mount on the passenger frame rail.

The lower radiator support was cut out, and a new one was fabricated. Aluminum does not weld to steel, so the new aluminum lower support needed flanges to adapt to the frame rails.

Here is the lower support all set up with its lithium batteries

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