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Here is the framework for a bunch more lithium. 21 200AH batteries under the hood, and 15 in the hatchback.

Kind of a tight squeeze up here on the upper support, so some clearance notches were added.

The firewall had a bunch of holes in it that are no longer needed, so they have been patches up. The frame rails were a little out of alignment, so I put it up on the frame rack and twisted everything back to where it goes. It looked like the car had been wrecked at some point in its life, and was not fixed right, but it is right now.

a little filler work, and then primer.

Then some white

I don't like to mask things off, so I always remove everything and do it right.

The suspension is completely removed, so I like to rebuild all that as I reassemble the car. New wheel bearings and seals are a must.

New struts, plus I like to add a little extra spring on the inside of the big coil to get the correct spring rate for my extra weight. I kinda like a stiff suspension, but not super low, so I have a system where I trim the outer and my custom inner coil to certain lengths.

Here is the fron suspension all rebuilt. The wheel lugs are upgraded from 10mm to 12mm, new bearings, seals, and axles, new rotors and pads.

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