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Originally Posted by Daox View Post
I keep seeing you using these white cells. Who makes them?
These are Tornado lithium iron phosphate.

Next, I need to couple the motor to the transmission, and hang it in the car. I start with a flywheel from a four cylinder metro, since the 3 cylinder flywheel is meant for a 6.5" clutch, and the four cylinder holds a 7.5" clutch. The 6.5" clutch will not hold the torque. I remove the starter ring teeth, and then it gets milled a little for some weight savings, and then surfaced and balanced.

The outer lip on the backside gets milled down before balancing, as you can see where the balancing holes have been drilled onto the milled lip.

I had a machine shop make to my specs my one piece billet aluminum motor to transmission adapter plate. The more of them get made, the cheaper the cost per unit, so I have a stack of these. I also had them make my matching flywheel hubs. The alignment of the motor shaft to the transmission shaft is critical, so I make sure that they are perfect.

Flywheel bolted up.

and clutch

and now it is hung in the car

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