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Napa had some of this copper nickel brake tubing, so now there are fresh brake lines

No sense throwing out the gas tank, since there is room to put stuff inside, and it already fits the car. Here it has been zipped open and is ready to recieve electronics.

This space will hold the Curtis 1238 7601 motor controller with my custom made water chill plate, the water pump, the water cooled EMW 12000 battery charger, and the contactor.

Here it is all ready to close up into a normal looking gas tank. The blue box in there is the CANBUS optical isolator, since I run an Orion BMS that links to the controller. The two components have different power supplies and need to be isolated from each other, so the CANBUS data gets translated to optical in this box, and then the other optical translates it back to CANBUS. You can see my waterpump at the top middle of this pic. My "gas" tank has hose barbs on the outside of it so I can run the coolant in and out of it to a heat exchanger.

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