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Airdam build using conveyor belt

Hi team i took some pics as i was building the air damn on the old gmc. The factory one was missing and my buddy gave me a length of belt, bout 1/2 inch thick (12 mm). The width was 7 inches which worked out real nice, no cutting needed.
ok so i started by removing the remnants and fasteners from the old one. Not too rusty.
Then i ripped a 2x4 in half with a generous angle on it... 24 degrees so the dam wouldnt be straight down, i wanted it leaning under somewhat... and fastened chunks of 2x2 using smaller roofing screws

I found center of both and marked where the tow hooks need holes. A chisel and stump made easy work of cutting the holes out

I then started screwing it on with some stainless screws with painted black heads (from decking) but changed to good old drywall screws as both the thread and head were larger for more secure attachment

I marked the end cuts then took it off and screwed metal reinforcing to the back, i used hvac tin straps and schluter bent to shape of bumper

i did add one metal brace in each corner to further add stiffness.

Clearance is 6 1/2 inches below dam to road, havnt scraped any kerbs yet. Im stoaked with the build, what do you think?
Oh yeah so the angle was probably a little more than needed, i think 15 degrees on 2x4 would be ideal.

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