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So far, I'm thinking I'll lower the car, get good tires and air them up quite a bit depending on what it currently has, do a rear wiper delete and a grille block. Not sure what the underside looks like on an insight so I might do some work there also. Has anyone ever hooked up an extra(or replaced) battery that you could charge at home to avoid charging the battery via engine power to get higher MPG?

I'm really excited to pick one up. We are having a horrible snow and ice storm in Oregon lately so my broken car won't make it the 80ish mile drive so I'm desperately looking for a ride to cash my check and buy it before the car gets sold to someone else :/ I'm just hoping many people aren't looking to buy a car in the middle of all this ice, snow and rain. That would be ideal.........for me.

I think I am most excited for the in city economy as the Passat got maybe low 20's at best in city before it died. It was a good car economy wise once you got to 55 and drafted on the highway though.
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