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Turtle First Gen Insight Build Thread

2000 Honda Insight
183k miles
Best Trip: 83.1mpg over 100+ miles

I picked up an Insight for $3100 with some extra filters, 2 brand new Potenza RE92's, a full size spare, Kicker hidden subwoofer, aftermarket head unit and speakers, a cruise control system, and a grid charger. I sold the cruise control kit and audio equipment to recoup some money and lighten the car for better economy.

To Do
  • Install new tires
  • Wire clutch switch to disable charging
  • Rewire regen button
  • Fix light DRL that is out
  • Finalize injector kill switch wiring
  • Remove intake expansion thing under driver headlight
  • Install hot air intake
  • Replace shocks
  • Lower vehicle
  • Inflate tires to 50 PSI
  • Delete rear wiper motor and wiring
  • Delete AC system
  • Replace/fix engine mounts
  • Add more to the under tray

Completed Modifications
  • Removed rear wiper
  • Removed/sold the subwoofer, box and amp
  • Removed/sold the cruise control kit
  • Installed an injector kill switch
  • Plastidipped inside of rear windows for pitch black windows

This is Kelly. My ex(and now best friend) named her for me:

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