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I already suspected as much based on my Fiat 500 (which also has a tiny turbo engine) that P&G doesn't work for a car like this.

But today I had a bit of time to kill so I thought I'd prove it.

I have a ~4mile test loop, it circles a lake so it's pretty flat and being a loop cancels out any wind assistance, not that there was any. There are three sets of traffic lights on the loop but I pretty much caught one red per loop so they roughly cancelled out.

Weather was in the 35*C range, auto A/C on, target speed 74km or 46MPH. Accelerating at 80% load.

First loop, constant speed SGII reported 5.35l/100km or 44MPG, also recorded the highest AVG speed.

Next up was P&G using DFCO, that netted 6.9 or 34MPG

Finally, P&G using neutral coast, that netted 6.4 or 37MPG, however at the lowest AVG speed.

The clear winner is the steady state cruise, you'd want to run the test a number of times before deciding between DFCO and neutral, I literally can't feel the difference when I put the clutch in and a closed eye passenger couldn't either. The van uses a relatively large amount of fuel when in neutral as it idles at around 1.3-1.7L/hr.

EOC isn't possible with the push button start.

At a steady 74km/h I was averaging 3.8l/100 or 62 MPG US

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