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I've wanted to do the same. Because I probably never will (more than I have), here was my idea...

Video 1 - Explain what Hypermiling is
Video 2 - How to Hypermile without changing your driving/speed (aeromods)
Video 3 - Hypermile without slowing down*
Video 4 - Becoming a standard Hypermiler
Video 5 - Becoming a Hypermiler Pro

*= This was the one I thought was critical. Showing how to read lights and coasting to stops that wouldn't actually reduce your times to get anywhere, etc. That stop sign up ahead and 3 cards? You wanna glide in as the car in front of you just leaves the stop, not stop behind him when the other cars are still there, for example. Learning light timing is definitely critical and the signs to look for with those. Anybody can do these things and it takes zero time out of their day. Once they see the gains there, the incentive to further advance down that addicting road skyrockets! (in my theory, anyways)

That about sums up what I was planning, lol.
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