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Originally Posted by Aeroguy View Post
I could try taking a picture of my model. I have a legit camera but I don't know how good I can get it. Precision is not really the main focus here. All the wings are attached by hand for instance. I'm kind of more looking for general ideas for shapes and such rather than discreet dimensions.
Sounds like you have a good foundation and understanding already.

What I think perhaps is a neglected aspect of rear spoiler and wing design is the termination edges. That is to say the corners and also plan view alterations from being so monolithic and straight planed.

As a guide look at the tip of aircraft wings or winglets which attend to the pressure differences which create vortexes as having more variations and innovations than NACA wing sections. Some of these wing tips are inspired by nature (bird wings) for instance.

I think it would be great if rear spoilers were given similar attention.

For instance, take your Rocket Bunny 240z; what if the corners had little wavy edges to break up resonance nodes and to mediate various angles of attack found in turning/curves?

Cars may be driven mostly in straight lines, but recent CFD studies are including various geometries of the vehicle in motion in a more 3D sense than in previous decades.

So there you go, my concept deals with plan view sweeps and curves to cup or deflect the air flow and air pressure. Coupled with top edge and corner treatment of spoiler shapes, undulating/wavy/curved/serrated and so forth.

Background: my hovercraft experiments dealt with sound mostly, sound is wasted energy or energy built up at specific frequencies. The splitter on my hovercraft spread some of this energy around to lower peak levels. If such an ideology were applied to a rear spoiler there could be a greater range of use out of it (useful speeds and or angles of attack).

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Originally Posted by Bennett_Racing View Post
Morning all, Can someone explain the reason for these 'notches' in this wing's gurney flap please? are they vortex generators?

One really good response to that old thread:
Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
My guess is that without the whale fin tubercules,or raptor feathertips,that there is something about the frequency and amplitude of the shedding vortices approaching the dragsters body that the crew didn't like,so they've altered them with this mod.Which goes with the 'accoustics' comment mentioned by Kachi above.
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