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A picture is worth a thousand words, these two designs do not curve in plan, would have to draw by hand to illustrate that intent. Maybe will do later.

Again, this isn't for looks (selling/marketing), it's for testing and exploring an idea.

Started with this image off the Internet, used a really crude photo editing program. I can draw, but wanted to keep this simple to start with.

Aerodynamics by George Kachadoorian | Photobucket

Taking it a bit further.

Now I made you all hungry for the wrong foods, right?

I would expect these designs to break up the edge pressure differentials similar to they way they for frequency nodes for sound. The advantage is less lost energy to peaks and transitions. The mass of air would still behave the same I suspect, the interactions at the top edges would be flattened out, an irony considering all the curves and undulations.

You wanted something to test, be careful what you ask for.
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