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efficient road trip car

Ive been lurking on the forum for a while now doing research on what car to buy. I have 3 ideas and i am very interested in your thoughts or other cars i may have missed. I live in Central B.C and mostly drive either 4km to the gym or long distance road trips(2-16 hour drives). I get a free bus pass around my city so i can take that so im not super fussed about city fuel economy. My current highway car is an mx5 4000rpm at 110kph

-non complex engine(e.g turbo cars have more parts to go wrong)
-reliable components that are easy to fix(i fix my own cars, no transverse V6's XD)
-great highway fuel efficiency
-fast warm up in winter(small engine)
-good value for money

My first option is an 07 Honda fit manual
-$6000 CAD
-good fuel economy
-easy to fix
-low running costs
-cd of a brick

second option is an 09 toyota yarris manual
-good fuel economy
-easy to fix
-low running costs
-its not great for long trips(uncomfy seats and buzzy trans)
-cd of a brick

third option is 01 c5 corvette manual trans
-good for showing off(looks like a race car)
-acceptable highway mpg(35ish stock mpg)
-not comfy for long drives
-slightly running costs, but still good
-more likely to have something go wrong
-cd 0.29

I looked at loads of small cars like chevy spark but the problem is they cost a lot for just being a small car, hybrids are bad for road trips and the batteries die in the extreme cold.

Whatever car i get im going to sound deaden it and modify it for roadtrips. My wallet says the yaris but my mind wants the corvette. Dilemma is the cheaper the car costs to drive the more i will drive it, so if i buy the corvette i will go on less road trips and live less of a life.

If i drive like a grandma i could get the corvette upto 40+mpg(highway), yaris up to ~45mpg, and fit ~45mpg. If any one has any other car ideas i would like to hear them, or any way that could make the corvette get better mpg?

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