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Originally Posted by acparker View Post
Ice ages are good for plants and animals that adapted successfully to it. Overall, a cold planet grows less food and, therefore, cannot support as many organisms as a warm planet.
Simply not true. For one thing, photosynthesis starts to shut down at high temperatures. For another, look at where the major food-producing regions of the planet are: in the temperate latitudes. Likewise ocean productivity peaks in the temperate latitudes: Ocean Productivity

For humans, historical periods of advanced social and cultural growth and stability have coincided with warm periods, warmer than what we have now.
Again, simply not true. The most obvious flaw here is that in the history of human civilization, it never has been warmer than it is now. We could also note that most of modern civilization, and certainly the technology of the last couple of centuries, has mostly been the product of people living in temperate climates.
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