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Originally Posted by seifrob View Post
* Corvette driven like like grandma is for laugh, not showoff
* If you are on budget, look for workhorse, not a toy. Affection will come.
* I personally prefer car I can sleep in, just in case. Useful on road trips though.
On the corvette forum people have the same attitude.
corvette = gas burning toy
What car you drive says a lot about you, people judge you a lot on what you drive. I currently have an 01 porsche 911, 08 f350 diesel, 90 miata, 06 cbr1000rr, all tastefully modified. I want to downsize and sell them all. If i got a corvette it would look better than a honda fit at car meets and when people saw my car in day to day life they would judge me as being more successful and fun.
I dont mind the higher purchase price of the corvette as long as it is cheap to run. The sleeping thing is a good idea, super handy on road trips.
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