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Originally Posted by Fat Charlie View Post
You buy one tire for that Vette and no kind of mileage is going to be able to make up for that.

How many doors is the Yaris? When I was shopping I didn't consider it because the manual was only available in the 3 door, and rear doors add a lot of utility even if you're driving solo.
That is a very good point about the tires, the problem is i say to myself "buy a yaris and a vett" but then the yaris would be like the tire in your scenario. no mater the mileage it will never pay for itself. I would go with a 3 door yaris for weight savings, and possibly cheaper to buy. Im playing the devils advocate, your point is very true and a huge consideration.

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Who gives a flying fark what strangers who don't know you think or may not think?

How do you know if you're impressing them in the first place? For example, the jacked-up pickup/Hummer drivers think they are gawd's gift to everyone but there are more than a few of us who think "micropenis" when we see them.

Re: Radar detector: drive at or under the speed limit; problem solved. ��
I hate that people judge others on what car they drive, if i could i would ride my bicycle locally and a honda grom long distance. Even though i dont like it it is still a factor. If you have a nice tasteful car you get a lot of benefits, a few include: higher perception of you by your boss= more likely to get a promotion, higher perception of you by women= choice from more and better looking women(im 24 ) = better genetic children. Some people with no taste get huge lifted trucks and gold wrapped lambos that look vulgar and give a negative view of the driver. I think i have a good taste in cars so i would avoid this problem. If i saw the woman below looking at me i 110% care what she thinks of me. I think spending some alone time with her is worth a few less mpg and higher running costs? Again im playing the devils advocate and your point about not caring is spot on. Form a pure transportation stand point you are spot on
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