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Originally Posted by ThermionicScott View Post
Even if the "nanny-state EPA" gets gutted and neutered as the current administration desires, I don't see us going back to carbs and shedding catalytic converters anytime soon. I expect "market forces" from abroad to keep US car makers thinking about fuel economy and emissions. Just on a personal level, think how car exhaust isn't nearly as smelly as it used to be. Customers are used to cleaner-smelling cars now.
Our automotive market, so long as it is protected will continue to "value add" increasing the cost of ownership of new vehicles.

This is done by auto companies to bolster dealership networks and the legislation that allows car construction is isolationist in nature.

So even if the EPA is gone tomorrow, much of the law that requires this or that has nothing to do with the EPA and many initiatives are hand written by the auto makers.

If the auto makers don't like the EPA, they should blame themselves for starting the whole mess in the first place, they can pay for their past sins.

I think the only way to bring choice into our auto market would be to eliminate gray market laws, period.

Anything else will allow the same old same old to continue onward.

The we can't because XXXX law says we can't will continue.
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