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So I really, really love my Volt. In a twisted attempt to return my love, it tries to kill me a couple times a week. I mean, it thinks it's doing me a favor but it's a favor that makes it pretty hard to hypermile!

Like any hypermiler I tend to corner pretty fast since I don't want to lose momentum, but I also tend to drive with the cruise control on since I'm lazy. Apparently this is a bad combination in a Volt!

There's one particular curve on my daily route where the speed limit is 35 mph. It's a pretty sharp curve of about 100 degrees, but my car will handle it fine at 30-35mph, so I always leave the cruise on around the curve. But occasionally when the tires start to bite the Volt will light up the "Traction Control" warning light, which also kicks off the cruise control. To make matters worse I always drive in "L", which gives me max regen.

So basically I enter the curve at a reasonable 30-35 mph, and within the span of about half a second the traction control warning light comes on, the car kicks itself out of cruise control and immediately goes into max regen, dangerously slowing the car and making me shout the f-word out of the blue.

Have any of you other Volt owners noticed this?

If I only had a dollar for every time I've saved gas . . . wait, I do!

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