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Originally Posted by cowmeat View Post
Have any of you other Volt owners noticed this?
Yes, but not due to cruse control, I have had strange depowering events when taking corners fast driving normally or coasting.

In L during traction control you loose regen and each tire brakes independently to hold the line.

Million times better than prius traction control but its still traction control and traction control on a volt when you aren't accelerating isn't much fun.
Traction control + L is even less fun because you get a disconcerting loss of braking power until you push the pedal in further.

Some folks hated it so much they bought grippy non-lrr tires,
then it usually stops.

There is also some sort of "gyroscope" like device in the head unit by the radio that occasionally is defective, if its bad your car will corner great turning one direction but handle like el toro crapo in the other.

Ah well,
Good Luck
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