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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Possibly related!

This Guy Drove 1000 Miles Across America In A Japanese Kei Van And Wasn't Blown To Smithereens

From the video, it appears 6000 RPM = roughly 105 km/h (~65 mph). 6500 is redline. At least that's what his little turbo Suzuki van was doing. (With possibly taller gearing!) 6500
My father drove his electric kei van about 20000 miles and only got hit once by an old asian dude that ran a stop light.

Van is still driveable but with a massive dented spot

If you check the subaru 360 forums that club used to have meetups and everyone would drive their 360 across the country to the meet.

Too Bad we don't have more of those little guys around here.
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