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Originally Posted by D15r View Post
So most cars have rounded trailing edges . This we know isn't the best for low drag. As I've learnt more about aeros I keep my eyes open for cars that have interesting aerodynamic features. I find it interesting since most people will find a square trailing edge unappealing simply because they don't have a care for aerodynamic function which sucks frankly.
Nope, some people want a car to just look nice. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder (beerholder? ). Practicality and safety is also taken into configuration by the manufacturer.

I own 3 different hybrid cars - Lexus RX450h, Lexus CT200h and Prius Gen 3. The shapes of each of them was conceived from a different perspective and I can appreciate each of them. The Prius' shape is unconventional but I appreciate it from the space that it adds in the interior as well as the lower drag that it offers.

Not everybody is turned on by an old and tatty looking Honda Insight that has skirts, grille block and a boat tail made from coroplast. I must admit that I would never drive such a conveyance, but I can still appreciate the effort made to reduce its drag and thus its fuel usage.

I also don't expect everybody to like nor agree with what I have chosen to own and drive, but we are all entitled to express ourselves.

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