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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
Not arguing with you but, rather, pointing out the fact that California, like almost all the other states (including Arizona), over those same years, have NOT really been returning much to their highway systems beyond minimal other words: "...highway funds have been SPENT elsewhere, for OTHER things..."

So, charging EV's is probably NOT going to IMPROVE any highways, UNTIL state gobberments quit spending tax money as if it were their own...and...begin to DO what was PROMISED to be done with the money in the first place.
I'm curious. How much does Arizona collect in highway funds and how much do they spend on transportation? In Oregon our transportation spending far exceeds what we collect in transportation related taxes and our roads continue to deteriorate. The numbers:

ODOT budget: $3.4 billion

1.10 billion (Fuel Taxes)
0.77 Billion (Driver's fees)
0.72 Billion (Federal Highway Funds)
0.61 Billion (Weight / mile taxes)
0.11 Billion (Lottery)
0.03 Billion (General Fund)

Oregon gasoline consumption peaked back in 2006. That is why Oregon is experimenting with a $1.5 cents per mile tax instead of a gas tax. I participated in the program (OReGO) for a year and the program worked flawlessly.
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