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I don't want to share my hybrid project until I'm at a point where I can make real progress. As there's nothing spectacular about seeing a tube chassis collecting dust. Hence almost zero OEM hybrid parts will work on it, except maybe the battery packs.
So you have a frame? Do you have plans for a drivetrain or two? OEM parts include battery packs ....and charge receptacles, inverters, DC-DC converters, heaters, heated seats, and DOT approved windshields.

But so I don't completely leave you hanging, here is someone else's car that is similar to what I've made. {Link}
to quote aurduinoversusevil, "Close enough for the girls I go out with". I invite you to peruse a thread I created in 2013, titled Messerschmitt.

I was, am and always will be fascinated by kabinenrollers. It ends with me putting down a deposit on the Arcimoto SRK. I want to get one and put on a body kit to convert it to something like this:

Let me know what you think either here or there, whichever. Ontopic:

Subaru boxer and 5-speed with Subarugears reverse-cut ring & pinion.

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