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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
CR (may I call you CR?)

You may not have noticed that in Permalink #52 I bolded Porto Alegre.

That sounds to me like your location. See where this is going?

Production was 520-plus in the 1980s. Somewhere in you town is the most likely location for a surviving Emis Art in a local museum, car club or stashed in some shed or yard. Even if you couldn't find an example for sale, there is the possibility of photos and measured drawings. I think that monocoque chassis, let alone the body, is reproducible and would make a great Or rat rod or dune buggy.
I have seen a few surviving Emis Arts on the street, but it's nearly impossible to find one for sale. IIRC I've already posted pictures of them in that notable eco cars thread. Finding measured drawings of the frame would not be so easy, and by now all their automotive production has been phased out for a long time. But if I find anything I'll tell you
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