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Those are regular lipo batteries. They will have a normal voltage drop as they get more and more discharged, somewhat like a lead-acid. They have 3 cells in them, which when fully charged are 4.2 volts each = 12.6 volts. Fully discharged, they will be down at 9 volts. Your car wont run on 9 volts. It will probably stop running around 10 volts.

I have one of those jump packs. I haven't had to use it yet. We were just discussing them on another forum...the one guy who had tried using his, well, it wasn't strong enough to boost his car, even though the main battery wasn't completely dead. So I wouldn't count on it for doing much more than boosting a battery that can almost turn the car over already. I suppose you could throw in some super capacitors, but now you're getting more and more complicated.

They also have a small capacity. 8 amp-hours. Which isn't going to last long if you put a continuous load on it.

Oh and you can't make it exceed it's 12.6v limit, so no running an alternator with it hooked up. Or you'll have a fire on your hands.

They have their uses. They're a convenient size. If I ever use mine to jump start a car, I'll offer some more feedback.

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