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I have seen a few surviving Emis Arts on the street, but it's nearly impossible to find one for sale... But if I find anything I'll tell you
Okey doke. Not that I could do much at this distance; maybe a crowd-funding campaign? A picked-over hulk minus all the VW parts would be perfect. Or even squared-up photographs of one with a yard/meter stick lying on the ground.

There exist measured drawings of the Empi Sportster. The other one I'd like to see immortalized in 3D is the Volkhart-Saggita V2.

Chopstix That last one would make pedestrians step lively; but it deserves an headlight ring.

So what do you think would make the ultimate VW? I'm going to go with a monocoque backbone like the Emis Art, but rendered in Basalt fiber. Subaru 5-speed and 4-cylinder boxer. Wider polished aluminum front axle beam. The gas motor would have an altermotor for a KERS. BMW i3 19" wheels and tires. Body optional, but maybe a custom Randy Grubb deco-zepplin.
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