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Originally Posted by Fat Charlie View Post
... I don't like autos.
Most of your complaints describe old technology autos with torque convertors. Have you driven a car with a DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission). They are basically 2 manual transmissions with computer controlled clutches. Alternating gears are on different shafts and during a shift one shaft disengages and the other engages almost simultaneously. The result is gear selection control the same as a manual transmission but shifts and rev matching that are faster and better than any human. Or you can stick it in auto mode and let the computer control everything. With a DCTs you get the best of both worlds: full control of gear selection when you want it, and auto mode for traffic jams.

I agree EPA tests aren't a measure of real world performance. They aren't meant to be. They are a measure how different cars perform given a set lab test so that those vehicles can be compared. If one car gets 34 mpg and another gets 26 mpg it is a pretty good bet that a driver well get better mileage in the car rated at 34 mpg. With either car a lead-foot will get less and a careful driver more than the rating.

EDIT: BTW some vehicles can see outside of your vehicle. A combination of cameras, radar and GPS positioning allow the vehicle to adjust to traffic conditions and hills. An Example:

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