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That's what you call 'over-restored'.

I went looking for any new pictures of a really pretty car (the Type 64 looks pin-headed to me), the Volkhart-Saggita V2. Google delivers:

First time I've seen it in silver. Weren't there two of them?
Google says it's on that page but I couldn't find it.

I'll say it again. Someone needs to walk around that car with a smartphone and take about 200 pictures that can be stitched together into a uniform polygon mesh that can be deconstructed into a box model with hard and soft edges. That could then be reprocessed further to feed input to a 3D printer. Or Pepakura Designer.

Google also showed me this from this very thread, two years ago. Remember? I didn't.

niky liked the Z-shape incorporated into the side vent. I like the way the leather hood strap is incorporated into the side vent.

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