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cRiPpLe_rOoStEr notified me on some safety issues.
So, due to the very narrow safety margin of SCUBA tanks, the idea is changed to use a 3 gallon, type 1, CNG tank (as type 1 tanks are the cheapest CNG tanks, and are also the easiest to recycle). These tanks can handle up to 900 bar. We'll use it at 250 bar of pressure (so as to keep a large enough safety margin).

So filled with hydrogen at 250 bar, the 3 gallon CNG tank would be able to contain 11,35 kWh or hence 96 % of the energy in a 1 liter gasoline tank.
Calculation: 11,35 l x 0,003 kWh/l x 250 bar = 8,51 kWh / 8,83 kWh = 0,96 x 100 = 96%

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