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Originally Posted by JockoT View Post
A litre of petrol will take me 11 miles, and most people even less. So a 118 lb tank, costing $795 ( will take me 11 miles. That's not including H2 cost. A litre of petrol, even at UK prices is only $1.45. And it fits in my petrol tank.
You're comparing the cost of the H2 (or well HHO) tank to the cost of the gasoline you buy. Not a correct comparison. You should be comparing your $1.45 then with the cost of 8,83 kWh worth of HHO, produced by this particular refill station (which hasn't been made yet). Or, compare the price of a 3 gallon -type 1- CNG tank to the price of a 1 liter gasoline tank.

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