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I was rear-ended by a van on the freeway trying to leave Phoenix

We pulled over, I got out, and started laughing because while I felt I was hit hard, there only appeared to be minor damage to my bumper, while his front bumper is pushed in and it seemed like the impact damaged his van mechanically, it did not sound right. I showed my new supervisor and we saw backwards lettering, but we could not read it.

I did not leave my old house until I finally fixed the Accord, so having someone damage it almost immediately was interesting. I had wanted to wash my car to see how she looked with the new fender and bumper.

It seemed funny to wash a car after an accident. The letters smeared, so I guess it was dirt. There are also marks from his grill, so I guess my bumper pushed in his grill.

He is having a body shop replace the bumper. When I have the chance, I will take off the bumper to make sure everything else is good, but I will need to borrow tools, I left all of mine down in the valley. I still have things to fix down there.

I still need to finish packing, but I spent far longer fixing my car than packing, and I could only fit so much in my car. Now my landlord is offering to refund my rent if I clear out early, but I am not sure it makes sense to give up my room and stay in a hotel when I am down.

Somehow I thought school started yesterday. I had hardly heard from the district, so I e-mailed them to confirm they received my paperwork, and to ask if I was good to start Tuesday. The District Receptionist/ HR Assistant responded, but I did not receive confirmation from higher, so I showed up at school when I read the staff was supposed to be there. The front doors were locked, but my new supervisor got a hold of me, got me a badge, showed me around, and got me a computer account.

I went to the Page VA to see if they could pull my immunization record and then came home for a nap.

I woke up at 01.

I sold some old Army stuff on eBay over the weekend.

I think they want it.

I finally figured out how to turn off Google Job notifications, but only after seeing a full-time SLPA opening that was supposed to pay $60k.

That is for an SLP! The SLPA pay was exactly half. I applied at a school district that has still not filled the position, but my favorite was the school district in which I lived posted an opening, but when I went to the site I saw SLP, not SLPA.

There just do not seem to be enough SLPs to go around because there are not enough SLP programs, but that is also why they pay SLPs far better than teachers with Masters.

I hope everyone is doing great!
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