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100 mpg 1 tone crew cab t
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Originally Posted by t vago View Post
I think that part of my gain is due to the already-installed coolant-based warm air intake. The fuel fog generated by the new injectors is pushed further toward a gaseous state by the warm air (about 40 F above ambient temperature).

This morning saw a 27.8 MPG trip fuel economy.
As far a warm air intakes, thermal dynamically as in the Bratton cycle, recouperated engines heat the air after the compression stage or turbo compressor. Wherby any heat added is fuel burn need a reduced for the best BSFC. However the intake temperature of the compressor stage or turbo is best ambient to cooled.

Thinking of a design to heat the air after the turbo would take some creative plumbing, but would yeild the best savings instead BSFC.

Fogg cooling the intake of the compressor can further reduce BSFC.
How to get a 100 mpg 1 tone crew cab truck for under $10,000; buy a nissan leaf!
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