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trailing edge

Originally Posted by D15r View Post
So most cars have rounded trailing edges . This we know isn't the best for low drag. As I've learnt more about aeros I keep my eyes open for cars that have interesting aerodynamic features. I find it interesting since most people will find a square trailing edge unappealing simply because they don't have a care for aerodynamic function which sucks frankly.

So far I've seen the square rear edges on newish Subaru impresa hatch...strangely but mad respect to their design teams. Prius no surprises here but still go them. Audi fast back style saloon unexpected as detracts from styling.

I wonder if it is going to be more common to see more and more cars with this feature. I doubt it as like I mentioned from a styling point of view it doesn't really look aerodynamic or beautiful.

Being interested in boat design, I was thinking when we design boats they are either designed primarily for planning or displacement operation. Now how this relates to cars is that all cars operate in a pure displacement environment yet we design them as if we expect them to plane which is really stupid. So most of all our cars are dragging huge wakes behind them which we know is stupid, Strange eh.
Kamm and Fachsenfeld advocated that the body follow the ideal streamline path and then wherever you want to terminate the length,just chop it as with a loaf of bread.
A current example is Mercedes' 2016 M-B IAA (with some stylistic license)
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