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For some V type engines, changing the way the fuel rails for each bank re connected can make a significant difference.

One example. On the 2004 and earlier Dodge Dakota with 4.7L OHC V8 the fuel enters in the middle of the left rail. The front of the left rail is connected to the front of the right rail. Right rail fuel, especially to the rear two injectors, has much more time to get heated up. There are two fixes for this, one fairly easy one not so easy.

The not so easy method involves buying more injector rails and a second cross connection pipe then modifying the rails to connect at both ends.

The easier method involves installing a T into the fuel line then running a high pressure hose across to the fuel pressure test/bleed fitting in the middle of the right rail. Nothing has to be removed except for disconnecting the fuel line so it can be cut for installing the T.

Either mod evens out the pressure and temperature of the fuel. Dunno if anyone has done both mods.

Some who have done one of those mods say they've gotten measurable HP and torque gains at the rear wheels on a dyno, as well as better MPG.
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