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If you are in NorCal check with Sonic. Early last year I switched to them from Earthlink DSL (after an unpleasant month spent getting the runaround from Indian call-center staff). Since I'm at the far end of the DSL wire from the telco office I was glad to see a small bump in DSL speed (1.5 -> 3 mbs ) for a $40 or so per month reduction in price. A big problem remained in that the service was still over AT&T's legacy copper, and here near the beach (in the fogbelt) the service was subject to issues when it was really damp.

Then last summer they rolled out their own Gigabit Fiber network in my neighborhood. I speedtest at about 900+ mbs up and down, and with unlimited VOIP telephone the last bill totalled (with regulatory surcharges and $9.50/month equipment rental) $72.35. The base price on the GF is $50/month.

I could buy my own wire/wireless router but by renting their's I'm covered if a replacement is needed and they can dive into the router remotely for diagnostics, and the few times I've needed to contact support (located about 90 miles north of me) things were quickly resolved.

The CEO is also keen on keeping his customers information private which is nice.

This is one of the rare times that I've been in the right place at the right time.

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