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I spent yesterday cleaning up the stuff inside the cabin.

Field controller is now installed behind the glove box, where the old ECU was:

And I've re-worked it so that the controller is always putting out a minimum of 14-volts/amps, as I noticed the field voltage was sagging running off the accessory battery, and with 144v going to the controller, the motor would arc if you nailed the accelerator. No more troubles now that the minimum field voltage turned up a bit.

While I was at it, I fixed the no-power situation at the cigarette lighter (it wasn't plugged in at the back), and installed a mini-relay to control turning on and off of the field controller. No more manually turning it on...

I have also reclaimed the passenger foot well from the 3 batteries I had sitting there, and there's no wiring dangling down. Batteries were relocated to the trunk (for now), accompanying their other 3 brethren. There they were wired in 3S2P (36v, 60ah, vs, say, 72v, 30ah), and had a breaker installed, just in case:

Temporarily to keep prying eyes and fingers out:

"Finishing" things off takes an awful lot of time and effort. That took me all afternoon and then some.

Today, I went down and ordered some plastic to be cut for battery covers. When I got back, I decided to try and "fix" one little annoyance...the noise coming out of the vacuum pump:

That's a small-engine muffler. My EV now has a muffler! (??)

Wrapped it in duct tape and stuffed it back in it's hole:

When I formally insured it the other day, I had them change the fuel type to match, so no cop can give me a hard time about it:

And an as-she-sits photo, reminding me to look in to the rust at some point:

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