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Yes, drag reductions can be noticed at 30 mph or below, the question is really whether you will notice/benefit from it in your CAR. Drafting on bicycles results in a significant reduction in drag at usual bicycle speeds of 13+ mph.

Originally Posted by RAV4 EV View Post
So this beast of a boat tail should bring down my Rav4 EV's drag to Cd0.13 from Cd0.30?
Don't count on it. At that point, many other design details would probably keep your drag around the .18-.22 range.

It isn't necessary to make a ridiculously long boattail to realize noticeable drag improvements. I would suggest making a tail around the 1-2 feet long mark. That would give you plenty of drag reduction while keeping your length down. First things first, before you start building your boattail, you need to make some decisions. Are you going to move your taillights to the back of the tail? Install new taillights with oem in place? Keep oem with reflectors at end of tail? These things are important, especially when you catch the eye of the police. Mounting is among the other top consideration. I don't even know where to start with mounting, hence the reason my car doesn't have a boattail.
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