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pre-departure check-in

Ive had to jettison many of the features I'd wanted to include on the trip.
I'll continue fabricating 'til mid-day of the 11th,then take off.
I maintain my title as worst estimator of all time.
The priority is to have nothing fall off the truck en route.I won't be able to put the tail on the truck until Sunday,which leaves no time for any test-drive.
And I'll probably have wet paint on the rig when I leave home Tuesday.
I'm trying to out smart the racoons,so my neighbor will have catfood to feed my pet while I'm away.
Dirt daubers are bombing freshly-painted surfaces.It's wild!
A neighbor came by yesterday and shot some images.He wants to do something on You-Tube.
'Weather is great right now.I've been working til upwards of 9:00 PM to have something ready for the next phase in the morning.
I'll check in as I can.
PS,found some wide-pan pop-rivets to work with.And I've replaced trim screws with truss-head screws.I also like the Rustoleum gloss enamel,compared to their acrylic lacquer.
PPS,any members in the Salt Lake City area are welcome to come by DARKO the afternoon of the 11th.Layne says it's okay.
PPPS On wet mornings when I go to town,the dew remains on the truck after the 60-mph portion.And from the streaking of the moisture,the new flow looks very promising.
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