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Originally Posted by Baltothewolf View Post
Would be nice if gas would fall to 2$ a gallon here in Cali. Then I could drive my 4Runner a lot more.
First step would be to un-elect all the fruit cake / nut job liberal politicians , lower taxes , and force all the freeloaders off the public dole .

Sorry for the public rant , some times I just can not control my outbursts .

Our gas prices , including federal & state taxes , has been around $ 2.00 for quite some time . With the hurricane damage to the refining industry , it has gone up to $ 2.39 9/10 . Hope it comes back down in a timely manner .

Another thing , do all you can do to promote domestic production , transportation & refining . Including the proposed pipeline to Canada .

I had much rather pay money to our northern neighbor , than to send our money to the sheiks & politicians in the sand box .

Best wishes to all ,
God bless

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