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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
It is not cheaper to buy an electric car than a regular car. People are still buying 18mpg pick up trucks all day long. More than ever. The market will not encourage people to buy a Prius or an electric car. Gas is $2.30/ gallon in the USA. Oil is cheap because of advanced technology in recovery methods. The only thing that will force selfish people with their head in the sand to push forward into a 50 mpg or better car is a carbon tax. It is easy to impliment at the fuel pump and most other countries in Europe already do. But it really should be done as the carbon leaves the ground in all forms to put solar/ wind/ nuclear into a true cost advantage over cheap gas and coal.
Ummm, whom do you usually pay taxes too?
The last thing I want to do is become more like Europe .

God bless
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