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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
You dreamers. How is that going to happen? I have comparatively cheap electricity at $0.13/ kWh compared to many other places in the world. That is equivalent to to gas at $4.40. I'm paying $2.33 for gas. Gas is way too cheap. Americans are buying pick up trucks and large SUV's to drive back and forth to work like they are going out of style. It will take years (a decade) to unravel that mindset and get them off the road now. We need a carbon tax to begin gently phasing in now. To support research into Gen4 nuclear. The world currently uses 70Twh of electricity /day. You have to store at least a day at grid scale You think your going to build enough storage to make Solar take the place of giant GW scale coal plants?
If I want to drive a Leaf ( we had one untill a stoner rear ended it ) , that is my business .

If I want to drive a pick up truck , that is my business .

And what about the freight industry ? I can just see the freight industry trying to deliver the ma moth amount of freight provided inn this country , in a fleet of PRIUS'es . What would that do to traffic congestion ?

What planet / reality do you live in ?

God bless
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