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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
OIL can be "stored" in containers; generated AC-power can NOT be "stored' unless it has been converted (incurring an efficiency loss) into DC-power which CAN be stored in chemical batteries or electronic super capacitors...but BOTH incurring even further efficiency losses. Then, that DC-energy takers another efficiency loss when it is reconverted BACK into AC-power. Even assuming 95% efficiency at each conversion, that exceeds 15% wasted energy: putting $1 into a Piggy Bank and only getting 85 back ain't very profitable.

Finally , someone with their head in the real world ! :-)

Where the geography & terrain are favorable , I have heard of systems that pump water to a higher elevation reservoir with off peak power & let the water come back through the turbines and generate on peak power when needed .

The only way storage is economical is to store cheaper off peak power / surplus power , then release it to the grid in times of high demand .

God bless
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