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Originally Posted by Natalya View Post
Silver Insight drives again!! The garage will be free.

Anyone else coming except Daschicken?
Good, cause I just borked my left side axle by bump starting in reverse. It would click when pulling away from stops, it was probably already on its last legs and that bump set it off. (No I don't have the part yet) Now it makes an awful clunking noise when turning hard left.

I can probably bring a friend or two, I know one of them kind of wanted me to make a drag wing for them. Any interest from insightcentral?

If i'm not bringing more than one passenger, i'll probably bring a bicycle so I can do some dank woolies.
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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
~the Cat and I watched the Supper Bowls today... tomorrow we will watch the Super Bowels...

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