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Weather cooperated slightly, so I finally got to ride cibbie for a decent amount of time with the new taller rear sprocket. It is so much more pleasant to ride on the highway now, the 500 rpm drop is noticeable and now I don't feel like I have to constantly pulse and glide(which doesn't work very well). Didn't ride long enough to know the fuel economy, so that will have to wait.

I did however put my phone in voice memo mode at the start of the trip to record some nice sounds. It ended up stopping itself after an hour and 25 minutes, but THANKFULLY it caught me doing a TWENTY THOUSAND RPM pull! Probably last one I will ever do, I need to put the stock ECU back in before I blow this thing up. The recording only had 3 minutes to spare when it caught the pull, I was so happy, I thought I lost it!

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