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I want to start trying stuff out now, but I still have to wait a few days...and the weather isn't cooperating either. It's been nasty here since Saturday with snow, ice, and everything. Surprisingly though my upper grille block of painters tape and duct tape is still holding up, and my engine warm up time seems to be reduced 15-25% so that's helping. Unfortunately today's ride wasn't that good - my last three days driving last week averaged 42.0, 42.1 and 41.9, then I didn't drive Saturday and Sunday, and then with today's crappy weather I got 37.6 with one portion being 31.6 mpg (how???????!!!!!!! grrrrrrr lol)...I cannot stand seeing it under 40 anymore lol.

I had a bunch of cardboard from work I was going to bring home to experiment with, but I forgot and left it at work tonight. Not that the weather is currently conducive for that anyway...

Yes the 8th gen Civic sedan was my "dream" first car, however all the ones with decent mileage were $5K or higher, unless I wanted one with 300K+ miles on it or one with a rebuilt title or have to drive 1000 miles just to even look at it. Still very happy with my car though.

Compound curves and be honest I'm not sure how much of that my prototype will have, so I suppose I cannot be to sanguine about it's success. But I'll never know until I try.

Do you think vortex generators will "force" air to reattach to the Kamm if it isn't perfectly angled?

I want to get the Kamm working well now so that when I go down to Virginia for college this fall I have something to attach a temporary boat tail too....there's way too many steep hills to drive anything not perfectly streamlined and still beat 40 family's minivan would drop gears for RPMS steady at almost 5000 sometimes to climb those hills, and then destroy the brakes on the way down (yes, I know, I couldn't get the driver to hypermile at all ...not to mention he was trying to go 75 the whole time.. )

Yes, I would definitely be interested in reading those articles! although I'm not exactly sure how the whole messaging feature works on here, until now I haven't been on a forum site in ages (today's
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