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Originally Posted by 19bonestock88 View Post
Temperature has a lot to do with MPG... it not only affects aero drag(denser airmass to drive through) but also affects fuel trims(denser airmass needs more fuel to burn at same AFR)... a warm air intake can combat this some, at expense of power
The temperature wasn't THAT much colder...30s versus 40s/50s (fahrenheit). True, I had wind against me and all that, but even still I've been able to average 37-40 mpg instead of that 31.6...and that was with some intense hypermiling just in desperate attempts just to break into the 30s.

And of course Torque has to stop working this morning so I have no idea what kind of mpgs I'm getting today...guessing somewhere between 37 and 39 though..
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