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  1. I pulled this off of a tire today...
  2. Is America ready for 4-cylinder full-size pickup trucks? Because they're here (GM)
  3. 2000 Hyundai Accent vs 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage (which should I get?)
  4. What ever happened to HR22 FAST Act?
  5. Leno's '66 Volga
  6. Ford to stop selling cars in North America
  7. 01 Insight: To sell or not to sell?
  8. F150 first full size pickup with 30mpg rating
  9. Wheel weight effect on fuel efficiency
  10. Defying gravity, the flying future.
  11. Rootes(Commer) TS3 and similar engines
  12. Baffled using 99 octane fuel
  13. Limited slip differential efficiency?
  14. New Boxer Engine Pickup get 37 MPG
  15. loading the engine early to warm up faster?
  16. Total Power efficiency between a Hybrid and EV? Who wins?
  17. Production 2019 Insight revealed
  18. 1952 VW Kohlruss restoration video
  19. Anyone heard of Acura RSX success stories?
  20. Drone Efficiency
  21. Electric supercharger for efficiency?
  22. Goodyear Efficientgrip EV Tires $295 next year
  23. Tire pressure in the cold
  24. What mpg can I expect from an 05 corolla?
  25. winter formulation gas..
  26. LRR Tires. My Experience
  27. Fill fuel in the coolest hour
  28. RWD cars with good MPG? (Looking for a highway commuter)
  29. Tesla police car
  30. You too can own an extreme research car!
  31. Engine efficiency outside of peak.
  32. Oversized Insulated Oil Filter
  33. Worth getting a different car for higher MPG?
  34. SpaceX Falcon Heavy successfully launched the Tesla Roadster and Starman!
  35. Dream with me - your perfect car
  36. Header wrap?
  37. Theory: the Toyota Tercel is the cockroach of economy cars (in a good way)
  38. Vehicle Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
  39. Who fell 'asleep?'
  40. OEM makes mid model colder air intake mod 'for fuel economy'
  41. Catalytic convert talk - FCC, MCC, UCC???
  42. GAC Motors coming to America 2019
  43. How an automaker practice their AI parking assist technology
  44. Chevy Cruise AV
  45. 'Prius bobsledding in Burbank'
  46. U.S. new vehicle fuel economy stuck at 25 MPG, 4th year running
  47. Direct Heating Defroster
  48. CES introduces a new 50 inch TV...with an EV crossover
  49. Bombogenesis doesn't stop the mail and a Model X
  50. Calling all sleuths!
  51. The Mitsubishi Mirage is the WORST CAR you can buy!
  52. China bans production of 533 car models
  53. Tesla goes to Mars
  54. Germany paid customers to use power
  55. Prius vs Volt vs Cruze Eco
  56. New Alternative Fuel FAIL
  57. Questions about modifying venturis for better... everything? (Weber DGV)
  58. Down the rabbit hole Ram D50 2.6l long block
  59. Shell vs Chevron
  60. Help recommending a company vehicle
  61. High altitude fuel economy
  62. coast down idle?
  63. The Honda Civic GX thread
  64. Fast warm up ideas: compilation thread
  65. 10 car convoy following as I drive 50mph
  66. 6.3M Duhmericans late on their vehicle payments
  67. My How You Have Grown
  68. Why thinner oil improves fuel economy
  69. Glamping and self-sufficiency
  70. Alphabet's/Google's Waymo
  71. DIY 'E-rides' and 'E-walls'
  72. Three-wheeler with 2 seats and 1m width
  73. Why is there no conversion tool for Miles per KWHR to MPGe?
  74. Firefighting electric vehicle fires...
  75. Firefighting electric vehicle fires...
  76. Firefighting electric vehicle fires...
  77. Kwik trip devoted to cheap e15 gas but where?
  78. WalMart Value of the Day Special!
  79. Ford cancels 3-cyl Ecoboost Fiesta 1.0t in the States
  80. Virgin Hyperloop One, Branson's high-speed tube travel division
  81. Autonomous vehicles have built-in fe disadvantage
  82. Of course Elon, with Powerwalls you should bring solar panels
  83. High flow cabin air filter for reduced blower motor load
  84. Today's idea: Eco modes & lights need difficulty settings
  85. "Eco" light in 2013 Yaris
  86. Elon Musk sends Powerwalls to Puerto Rico
  87. Scotland's capital to get electric buses.
  88. What will come first; secession, single-payer or total elimination of ICE?
  89. Oil Pan Heater & Insulation
  90. Import of Diesel vehicles up to 4000cc forbidden in Bolivia
  91. Remote Controlled Relay for Block Heater?
  92. Volkswagen's New Engine Cycle - The 'Budack' Cycle
  93. DIY oil recycling
  94. Generator Propane Conversion
  95. The world's largest auto market has a way of dictating the issue.
  96. How much effect do ecomods have around town?
  97. Emergency range extension from Tesla
  98. Age of Robocars about to be unleashed
  99. Elon has a huge Hyperloop rival
  100. Utilities to be charged "rent" for roadworks.
  101. Amsoil P.I. Gas Additive (Injector Cleaner)
  102. Smart peeks into our future of vehicle sharing
  103. Mazda's SkyActiv X... uses spark-controlled knock! (maybe)
  104. Shell V-Power
  105. Lower "forever" oil prices?
  106. Toyota's approach to improving ICE efficiency
  107. Gen III Honda Insight test mule spotted in the Euro zone
  108. Dodge Cummins 2WD/4WD mechanical efficiency questions...
  109. How much fuel does brake pads dragging waste?
  110. Volvo to sell ONLY (mild) hybrids and EVs by 2019
  111. A question for racers/former racers
  112. Ford C-Max EV+ mode
  113. Anyone notice EPA data changes?
  114. 2017 Cruze Diesel Hypermiled to 70MPG
  115. Engine swap questions possibilities.
  116. How to cool the car off with out running it
  117. How do we get manual transmissions back in the US?
  118. 2018 Honda Accord to get 1.5T as base engine
  119. Elantra "eco?"
  120. Poor fuel economy - The weather, or my repairs?
  121. More efficient catalytic converter
  122. Elon Musk has no influence in the Strategic and Policy Forum
  123. tire sizing questions for a truck
  124. EPA paper on medium duty and heavy duty trucks.
  125. Aluminum drive shafted
  126. Trailer with electric hub-motors
  127. SUV LRR tires
  128. EOC with an automatic e-brake?
  129. Do stop/start systems wear out the starter motor? Discussion with an engineer.
  130. 5-Qt Mobil 1 Extended Performance 0W-20 Full Synthetic $3.85 after rebate
  131. Low RPM load limits? Lugging?
  132. New Lotus Elise adds MORE lightness: new benchmark of 1759 lbs (798 kg)
  133. How many mpg did your brand new car gain when broken in?
  134. Opti-Lube "Boost!" and "XPD" Diesel Fuel Additives
  135. C-Max Energi Battery Conditioning
  136. Paper on combustion speed relative to intake air an AFR
  137. Snow Kamms
  138. Ultimate 4x8 utility trailer, 2,700lb capacity with brakes
  139. Drove a Kei truck yesterday -- first time in a Kei (not far or fast)
  140. Anybody have actual technical knowledge about E85 "kit" pulse extneders?
  141. Carbon brake rotors
  142. Satisfaction with MPG is relative! 2003 Suzuki Aerio 5MT ecodriving: 35 MPG US
  143. Blackstone newsletter - Can You Use a Thinner Viscosity Oil?
  144. See through cylinder head engine
  145. Rattle whilst idle, controlled by lights.
  146. Lucid Air
  147. When BMWs go to heaven or into reincarnation
  148. Primary tube length for 305cc engine
  149. Portable Wind Generators
  150. Elon Musk's losing orders...
  151. The Terminator's gone electric!
  152. Tyler Wind Converter
  153. Very interesting video on LRR tire technology, LRR vs. grip
  154. Toyota NR engine features
  155. 10 unusual engine designs in one video
  156. E-Charger Hybrid System video
  157. Has anyone tried Rain-X Anti Fog?
  158. Balance shaft deleting, for economy?
  159. Bigger than normal MPG drop?
  160. 2018 Mazda3 to Introduce HCCI Engine, Promises 30% Better Fuel Efficiency
  161. Fine-tuning engine temp using the heater control valve.
  162. Accord hybrid drivetrain explained
  163. The Energy Train
  164. EPA accuses Fiat Chrysler of excess diesel emissions
  165. Nitinol: Free And Virtually Unlimited Fuel To Heat Your Home
  166. roots blower instead of butterfly valve
  167. Fast warm up ideas: Oil to coolant heat exchanger
  168. Gigafactory punches the clock
  169. Fast warm up ideas: Double engine block heaters
  170. Twenty years late
  171. 3 Cylinder Cars - Real World Fuel Consumption
  172. Why some different cars get identical EPA ratings
  173. Another intriguing Rinspeed concept, the Oasis
  174. Toyota 1ZZ-FE engine long term fuel trim
  175. New 9-speed General Motors transmission boosts fuel economy 2%
  176. Metro sedan with 1.3L & tall gearing (why not more efficient than 1.0L?)
  177. Van instead of SUV?
  178. ICE dead, not so fast
  179. Japan to (finally) revise its notoriously lenient JC08 fuel economy ratings test
  180. Ford Fiesta 1.0L triple to get cylinder deactivation
  181. Primary tube length for 1L engine
  182. Mini review of 2016 Corolla CVT (rental)
  183. May you send me table form of BSFC of any vehicle?
  184. Variable displacement via Arduino
  185. Guzzle and swim in it...
  186. SUV Land
  187. Taxis?
  188. Evs and hybrids noisier than ICEs
  189. Everything old is new again (again)
  190. Make America Guzzle Again!?
  191. Going over to ethanol gas
  192. I'm buying* Canada's cheapest, roadworthy**, 50 mpg*** Mazda Miata MX-5
  193. 2008 Civic Hybrid wheels weigh 16 pounds.
  194. Thinner motor oil?
  195. Calculating EPA for "Europe Only" Models
  196. cheaper to operate than an electric car?
  197. Questions about rough estimate of fuel mileage of my application
  198. Deciding on work vehicle
  199. Good MPG Target for Mass Market (Eco Rant)
  200. Sorry, no more iCar
  201. Top 10 most fuel efficient gasoline powered cars of all time
  202. German patent DRP #37435 will be banned by 2030
  203. California allows, no training wheels
  204. SEAT Mii
  205. Darin's test drive review notes: 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 sedan 1.2L CVT
  206. compacts/midsizes that tow heavy w/weight distributing class 2 hitch avail?
  207. If IKEA 'puts together' a vehicle for the masses
  208. Living in a Material World
  209. Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta biggest discrepancy real world MPG vs. official ratings in UK
  210. Survey: Male car buyers prefer style, women opt for fuel efficiency
  211. why do turbos ALWAYS kill mpg? (& why not bypass)
  212. Trailer Brainstorming (and it's tow vehicle) revisited
  213. Hybrid vehicle smog failure rates (database)
  214. Thank You and Request for Continuing support (eco-driving questionnaire)
  215. Trading/Selling my Civic VX for a Insight? Thoughts?
  216. Coasting kills !!
  217. Conventional hot rod tricks good for FE?
  218. Nissan announces 2.0L variable compression ratio engine
  219. Audi is working on a suspension that gets power from bumpy roads
  220. New things: Tribologism and the Blue Whirl
  221. This lawnmower never needs an oil change
  222. Nissan fuel cell car.
  223. Green Commuter, Los Angeles
  224. Mom looking at new car, Jetta hybrid?
  225. Kill two birds with one stone, Photosynthetic Artificial 'Leaf'
  226. Engine build for MPG
  227. Greaseless ball bearings:
  228. Wired: "EPA testing may not work. Like At All."
  229. Saw first non-hybrid (Malibu) with engine stop/start. Why do people hate stop/start?
  230. Study: gasoline GDI engines = lower CO2, but more soot
  231. Refill a empty tank or half full
  232. Driving for ford/chevy dealership.
  233. Japan will allow cameras instead of mirrors
  234. Ariel Atom hybrid
  235. Measuring Efficiency
  236. M.a.g.i.c. C.a.r.p.e.t.
  237. Uh oh, another Tesla autopilot crash fatality
  238. Vehicle GHGs rising despite CAFE standards. What's the solution?
  239. All in the (Tesla) Family
  240. Real world MPG performance is a big factor in vehicle "owner satisfaction"
  241. Tony Stark continues his empire building...
  242. Stricter EPA testing for 2017 model year - be careful making comparisons
  243. Mercedes-Benz engines with 48-volt systems coming in 2017
  244. DDI Diverging Diamond Interchange
  245. Who has really good engine management?
  246. New tire question
  247. The future of autonomous 'driding', now?!
  248. The best way to reach future cafe standards
  249. Nikola Motor Company reveals its class 8 tractor design (EV/serial hybrid)
  250. First test drive: Smart Fortwo diesel cabriolet - saw 67 mpg US (100% city)