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  1. Tips for cooling your car in the summer, no AC
  2. "Reading" 1998 Honda Civic head gasket failure
  3. Greener Aluminum
  4. Bad front end noise
  5. Fatigue
  6. Cheap Fuel cheating!
  7. The future is jelly
  8. Steering locked
  9. Forget The CB750's, CB900C Trike Ideas!
  10. N.O.S. Coolant still good after 30 years?
  11. Two Stock CB750 engines, One Transmission?
  12. Run lean for emissions?
  13. Twin Bike Sports Runabout
  14. Finally gave in...
  15. Engine oil in coolant
  16. Honda Civic/Insight Factory Service Manuals (4th Gen, 5th Gen, 6th Gen, 7th Gen) FREE
  17. Ghost fixes lightbulb
  18. Cheapo HID Headlight Efficiency
  19. Wheel color schemes
  20. Random misfire, cyl 4
  21. Best product for removing tree sap?
  22. My brakes are squealing, but still have some material, do not have wear indicator
  23. What the heck happened to my clutch? It was crap, then self-healed.
  24. 2000 Echo random stalling
  25. Laundry list of ideas...
  26. If a 1Fr 2Rr trike can turn in it's own length....
  27. Don't forget to check your PCV valve! Mine puked its guts out.
  28. What to look for?
  29. Headlights flickering
  30. 3rd Gen Prius Headlight Bulb Reliability?
  31. Silicone Not Curing
  32. 8 Piston Titanium Brake Caliper?!
  33. Would you buy these?
  34. Heat issue - blows cool out of passenger side, hot out of driver's side
  35. ISO Certification Bodies, ISO Training, ISO Management in Singapore
  36. Circulating tank block heater maintenance
  37. Replaced headlight, driver's low beam still does not work.
  38. How young/old were you when you learned that air flow effects efficiency
  39. Brainstorm a dealer's logic with me?
  40. VR Questions
  41. Yikes! Trikes!
  42. Autonomous Driving Idea - AI Learning
  43. How to raise efficiency of furnace?
  44. Scratching my head at ~20% MPG loss. 92 Dakota
  45. Dual Chamber Tire Idea
  46. Fan Clutch
  47. 06 Civic Hybrid - Power steering making noise when turning - MPG unaffected
  48. Anti-roll / sway bar design book / reference?
  49. Solve Suby Sound with me
  50. Civic VX CEL/rough idle
  51. If you smell sulfur, please check your battery!
  52. Fracking ban.
  53. Which timing belt (kit) should I purchase (survey) 99 Accord
  54. Unexplained 100mi/tank drop! '03 civic HX
  55. 1987 Crx HF random misfire witch hunt
  56. 2001 Hyundai Accent GS. My therapist's son's car. So many issues.
  57. Fighting P0330 in a 2000 RX300
  58. (Poll) Have any of you replaced your catalytic converter?
  59. I got really terrible gas mileage today
  60. Removing 1.9L TDI ALH head bolts
  61. UK government funding for autonomous truck research
  62. Ford scrappage scheme.
  63. rocket aerodynamics
  64. Memories on Main Street Car Show Troy MO
  65. Speed vs Efficiency with respect to total travel time
  66. Electric Mini.
  67. My Civic idles bad in neutral- Please help!
  68. 98-03 Jetta / Golf / Beetle TDI cracked oil pan repair
  69. 2004 Prius tail gate / hatch pull / handle fix
  70. Sparkplugs
  71. '97 Civic isn't getting power to #4 connector...Help!
  72. Restoring old catalytic converter's efficiency (cleaning method)
  73. 2000 Honda Insight 5 speed manual transmission fix (ISB, 2nd gear grind, clutch)
  74. eh...
  75. Harley people rant!
  76. DIY: un/mounting a car tire from the rim without special tools. (Have you?)
  77. Vehicle Wrap
  78. Fuel, speedometer, temp, gauges not working
  79. Tail gaters how to stop them
  80. Measure the Drag Coefficient of Your Car
  81. Steel Braided Brake Hoses
  82. Missouri Flooding
  83. MPG-conscious warm rod manumatic idea - is it possible?
  84. Rescaling the speedometer
  85. Every car
  86. My Miata - fix up & hopefully better mileage!
  87. Cheap 20amp 110vac to 150vac variac where?
  88. Does anyone knows bike rental in scenic spot in Europe? Tell me. thanks.
  89. V-12 diesel engine
  90. Oil overfill due to valve noise
  91. Civic Hx Lean Burn Problems
  92. Where to Find Discontinued Parts? (Civic Hybrid)
  93. Can anyone run a Carfax report for me?
  94. For fans of rocket science history...
  95. Extending thermocouple wires?
  96. How many people have you taught to drive stick?
  97. Gas buddy Mobile site sucks, just give me the damn map!
  98. Does air in radiator increase warm up time?
  99. OEM parts, where to find for Civic VX
  100. Anyone have experience with hot glue paintless dent removal?
  101. Prius 12v battery replaced with LiFePO4
  102. portable jumpstarter ?
  103. Texas - Getting a car or other fuel efficient alternatives
  104. 2004 Toyota Echo rust repair - rocker panels - pics!
  105. Prius Issues- Alignment, Flooding, Rodents
  106. Alternative Fuel Corridors - huh?
  107. Need help with DIY car audio noise
  108. DIY fix for loose electrical connection
  109. Automobile Project (Electrical Parts Requirement)
  110. 95 Tercel twin cam 1.5
  111. 2001-2002 Civic airbag recall
  112. Finally a VW Topic!
  113. Locking Lug Nuts
  114. Ethanol made from co2 and water
  115. Engine look normal to you?
  116. Lupo 3L - a couple of quirks
  117. GPS Trackers
  118. Does any place list an assortment of 2-Way Cat replacements?
  119. Prius brake system failure
  120. 95 civic vx transmission questions and help
  121. Coaxial Helicopter
  122. Why does Tesla use cylindrical cells instead of prismatic?
  123. A day trip to MotoeXotica
  124. registering federal vx in CA
  125. 94 Civic Worth a new motor?
  126. 2002 civic LX coupe: missing electrical connector for EGR valve
  127. 2001 Civic HX Lean Burn and AFR Sensor Problems
  128. 95 Civic VX Engine Cooling Issue
  129. Cats for small engines
  130. Diagnose this car's problem?
  131. Why You Should Never Warm Up Your Car
  132. Spotted: Boat Tail rolling down freeway...
  133. Volo Auto Museum
  134. Car hackers handbook
  135. Ultrasonic clothes dryer
  136. 95 honda civic rattling and car shakes/shuts off
  137. Question on possibly buying a 2001 Honda Insight Hybrid
  138. Chorizo repair thread (2000 black Honda Civic HX)
  139. Help diagnosing electrical problem with 1995 F150
  140. Filter Paper Manufacturer
  141. smog testing cheat using HHO generator
  142. Need a carfax?
  143. 3D printer
  144. MAF clean or replace?
  145. Lupo 3l question
  146. 2 Honda Accord Starting Issues
  147. Tiny House School Bus- Need Ecomodding ideas inside and out
  148. Help me fix my Insight
  149. Suggestions on an impact wrench
  150. 2004 Civic repair thread
  151. Windshield washer fluid - Commercial brand or DIY ?
  152. Found My vacuum leak
  153. Wife wrecked my Insight - help me find a beater
  154. Got a new engine in my Honda
  155. Oh great! Where does this cable go?
  156. Beare head 2.0?
  157. Big block heaters boiling & degrading coolant?
  158. DIY Oil Condition Tester
  159. 2016 Civic - Now with turbo?
  160. P1259 VTEC System Malfunction
  161. Upgrading to higher trim level features
  162. Retrofitting old cars for cleaner exhaust
  163. Buying a vehicle with a Salvage Certificate in Hawaii
  164. Fuel pump not priming on 95 Civic
  165. Cracked exhaust manifold on 98 hx
  166. 2001 Jetta TDI repair
  167. Auxiliary small fuel tank- Where to get a custom one!?
  168. How to remove 00 Civic front bumper?
  169. Scanguage II Woes: Freezing, turning on randomly
  170. 28 heating oil (kerosene) and diesel difference's
  171. LED replacement: what lumens?
  172. Clutch inoperable when cold, recently replaced
  173. Car dehumidifier
  174. The "Sporty Accord" is back!
  175. CycleKarts
  176. CRX HF / Civic VX Catalytic Converter Q's - Possible Discovery
  177. Create your GPS tracker.
  178. 2nd gen Prius tail / brake light fix (LED)
  179. Help me Daydream, Offroad Hybrid
  180. Odometer hacking with ease
  181. VX lean burn problem - ignition OFF/ON Runs Good
  182. Parts Needed/94 Civic Vx
  183. Looking for OBD2 software recommendations
  184. Fixing up my Forester to sell (image heavy!)
  185. NTK LZA09E1 vs. 24300 Civic VX
  186. "Ohm" smart battery
  187. How to tighten difficult-to access bolts?
  188. From 5w30 to 10w40 + Lucas Oil Stabilizer = Rattling and knocking increased.
  189. Can your car be hacked
  190. Breakin' [California smog test limits] 2: Electric Boogaloo.
  191. Oil Pump Problems
  192. 2004 Toyota Prius body rust / corrosion (rocker panels, front fenders)
  193. Civic VX oil recommendations
  194. The State Doesn't Like My Cat Anymore
  195. o2 sensor code but it still works?
  196. Civic VX - purge cut solenoid?
  197. Trying to be environmentally friendly need help!
  198. Fixing some rust on the Metro
  199. How to get a 1980s NA 3 cylinder Daihatsu Diesel Charade stateside?
  200. Film: 1950s Army planetary gear demonstration model
  201. Any suggestions?
  202. Insurance obdII driving monitors to lower your insurance rates
  203. High coolant temperatures = more spark knock?
  204. Replacing back catalytic converter troubles
  205. I have no idea what this is...do you?
  206. Old Honda Upgrade Engine Donor?
  207. Dead battery and then a bad starter?! First a bus and now my Civic!
  208. Coo Space = Interesting Bearing Design
  209. Exhaust gas "recirculation"
  210. Scary 1992 Accord Front End Mystery
  211. Snow chains
  212. Puzzle: vacuum leak, injector crud, or O2 sensor fail?
  213. I stripped a bolt hole in my Forester engine block!
  214. Master or slave cylinder?
  215. Castrol Magnatec Engine Oil - Has anyone here tried it?
  216. 1999 Suburban - Emergency brake not pulling up.
  217. Civic vx trailer hitch
  218. Front end noise...
  219. What would cause a gasoline odor in the cabin ?
  220. Geo Metro shifter bushing replacement
  221. California first to feel hydro-power crunch of drought
  222. Vibration at Idle in Drive (Automatic). Normal?
  223. Air intake restriction, manifold vacuum, fuel flow
  224. A Duh Moment
  225. Net Neutrality, Black & White Dilemma
  226. Buying a Civic HX. Tips and price on this car??
  227. If I build it, they will come
  228. Abnormally lean AFR
  229. 93 Civic speedo works odo doesn't
  230. '00 V70 no crank
  231. HX timing belt
  232. Slow air leak around chrome wheel
  233. are d16y5 and y8 heads the same?
  234. Vinyl Decals: Can anyone help me make some?
  235. Another Ethanol Free gas thread where is the 93 octane anymore?
  236. Repair cost for aluminum F-150 body
  237. Failed CA smog 90 civic LX after rebuild
  238. Friends do not let friends buy Volkswagons
  239. Saturn Problems!?!
  240. Looking at a "reconstructed title" Plug In Prius
  241. Civic VX Arm Rest: Creates holes in your shirt?
  242. $3900 New Smart EV Huh?
  243. $3900 New Smart EV Huh?
  244. Civic VX shift indicator light connector / wiring
  245. Where to Fill/98 Civic Cx AT
  246. How many that P&G have a low battery?
  247. Funeral to Go to/Car Won't Start:
  248. Free Solar Panels in Chicago
  249. LiquidPiston X Mini 70cc Engine
  250. Anyone see the Tesla on Southpark?