2009-10-28 2.1 0.0363 57.85 "My first on-the-road test, stop-and-go on residential streets. MPG data is from the onboard instrumentation. Still waiting on parts to fix my coolant leak, otherwise I'd have gone much farther and faster."
2009-11-02 107.5 1.215 88.48 "AMEC IV. It was a mostly flat course, not conducive to hypermiling. I spent most of the course in gear at 40mph (~1400RPM, in lean burn), or idling in neutral on longer downhills. I used my IMA inhibit switch well, but I didn't have an engine kill switch.

My CdA was higher than original, because I'm missing some underbody panels. I'll fabricate something before my next road trip (Thanksgiving)."
2009-11-02 243.2 4.208 57.79 "Return from AMEC IV. During portions where I slowed down enough to stay in lean burn (68 on level ground, faster down hills, no lean burn up hills), I got 65mpg. That's a tiring way to drive, so mostly I just floored it and targeted 74mph. I will have to improve my aero and IAT to enable lean burn at 74mph."
2009-12-01 570.8 9.342 $2.899 61.1 "My first real tank in the Insight. Bad thermostat, summer tires."
2009-12-28 496.1 9.648 $2.819 51.42 "A disappointing tank. Winter tires, cold weather. Fixed my thermostat halfway through the tank. Even though it's only getting colder out, I think the next tank will be better."
2010-01-13 560.2 9.811 $2.999 57.1 "It's cold out there."
2010-02-05 537.4 9.946 $2.919 54.03 ""
2010-03-03 556 9.586 $2.899 58 "This tank started with lots of 50-60mpg commutes, and ended with mostly 60-68mpg commutes. It's getting warmer! I'm itching to put my high-performance tires back on, but that would be premature."
2010-03-26 558.2 9.076 $2.999 61.5 "Mounted my summer tires a few weeks into this tank. Spring is upon us."
2010-04-21 604.6 9.506 $2.969 63.6 "Still getting 40-60mpg on the 1.5-3mi trips that I make around town, but I've been seeing 70 and 80mpg commutes with increasing frequency. Next tank will be awesome?"
2010-05-08 654.4 9.539 68.6 "This tank started off with consistent 70+mpg commutes.

423mi in, was at 70.9mpg. Then I drove 74mph in a crosswind+rain to the Green Grand Prix, at 52mpg. 79mpg after leaving the interstate, then 87mpg during the fuel economy run."
2010-05-21 553.8 9.139 $2.819 60.6 "This tank includes the 150mi/45mpg trip back from the GGP in severe winds at high speeds. Also two weeks of ordinary driving, and the first leg of my trip to Indiana."
2010-05-24 571.2 8.302 $2.619 68.8 "100% interstate travel. Only willing to slow down a little for the sake of fuel economy."
2010-06-14 660.2 9.868 $2.899 66.9 "This tank includes 331mi of interstate @ 65mpg, and 329mi at 69mpg once I got home.

Used about 10KWh of electricity as well."
2010-07-15 609.8 8.517 $2.799 71.6 "+15KWh."
2010-07-16 708 9.725 72.8 "Buffalo NY to just shy of the IL/WI state line. My goal was to make the 699mi trip on one tank, and I would have done that had I gone straight from Buffalo to Madison. Kinda fast, very warm, one window open."
2010-07-19 679.5 9.333 72.81 "The middle third of my interstate trip. Kinda fast, awfully hot out.

Next tank will include 271.4mi @ 75.6mpg of interstate travel."
2010-08-27 719.2 9.513 $2.829 75.6 "Plus 20-30kWh."
2010-10-31 722.1 10.31 $3.099 70.04 "Three months of city driving. ~70% of this distance was on roads with PSL at or below 40mph."
2010-12-01 652.2 9.808 $3.119 66.5 "Plus several KWh. Winter arrived the day after this fuel-up."
2010-12-27 512.2 8.452 $3.199 60.6 ""
2011-01-26 556.5 9.229 $3.319 60.3 "60mpg is good enough, and this tank is barely good enough. Good news: this is the worst winter can throw at me. It's downhill both ways from here."
2011-02-21 546 8.98 $3.289 60.8 ""
2011-03-23 560.6 9.042 $3.699 62 "Just another winter tank."
2011-04-14 527.5 8.32 $3.899 63.4 "Filled a little early, on the way to Watkins Glen for the GGP."
2011-04-28 620 9.538 $4.039 65 "Includes the GGP, the ride home, and two weeks of commuting."