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Am I the only crazy person at grocery stores?

Everyone is so tame in the grocery store....Except me.

I like driving. What I don't like is shopping, so I like to spend more time driving, and less time shopping. A usual grocery store trip for me lasts about 5 minutes, I grab the cart and HAUL ASS! I frequently drift around corners and pull wheelies, probably walk at about 4.5 mph, grab stuff on the fly, etc.

FIVE.....MINUTES..... It really makes shopping more exciting, much faster too.

-Kaze o tatakaimasen-

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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
~the Cat and I watched the Supper Bowls today... tomorrow we will watch the Super Bowels...

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Rat Racer
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Just you. I'd rather walk through the grocery store and get all the stuff I need.

Originally Posted by sheepdog44 View Post
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Duck duck duck
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I spend ages in the grocery store. Or, more likely, no time at all.
Because of shopping economics.

When my wife and I both worked parttime and alternated household and parental duties I made the most of the sparse moments alone when both kids were at school and preschool.
I made sure I got all the good deals and discounts, comparing weights, volumes etc.
That took time, but by practice I learned to do it more efficiently.

Nowadays I'm the only one that brings money in so I do a lot less shopping. And when I do I still feel obliged to make the most of it - but the products have changed, their locations have changed, all the prices are different - I walk up and down the aisles only occasionally grabbing bounty.

Likewise, my wife got better at it. So we really need a good reason for shopping duties to fall on me. Added bonus is that it lets me avoid the local shopping trips where I need the car (which I try to avoid) that are so detrimental to my average fuel consumption. Vain, me?
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I skip the cart. It slows me down too much. In and out in a couple of minutes, unless I have no idea what I'm there for.

I have stopped shopping at a certain retailer, because they put the bread and milk at the far side of their huge store. It's a big fat waste of time to walk all the way there and back for 2 items.

You don't want to see me in a mall. I move around the milling masses like they're standing still and in my way.

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Nope. I won't say that I go quite to the extreme of pulling wheelies, but I do walk about twice as fast as most people*, and usually know where most of the stuff I want is, so I can just grab it without stopping.

*Not just in the store, but getting to/from the parking lot. I save time (and gas) by parking in the first reasonable space (usually one I can pull through instead of backing out when I leave) and walking fast to the store, instead of cruising around looking for the closest spot.
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Lada Fan
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it's 5km to the closest market, and if i want to go to a mall, it's 18kms. So i buy everything for a week in advance what i need from the city. I am prepper-minded so this is ok for me.
If you don't make any mistakes in your life,
life itself will be a f*ckup.


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Every single time I go to the grocery store I tell myself that today I will just grab what I need and get outta there. But every single time I am WRONG. I just go through all the items they have there and consider buying them even if I don't really need them.
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...beats walking...
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In with a shopping list...get & go...out in a hurry...done!
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Like the earlier hunter-gatherers used to forage for whatever is in season in time past, I stalk the aisle of the Grocery Outlet for whatever is USDA organic and cheap, that day.

I use a hand-basket to insure I don't get more than I can carry on the bicycle.
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Plugging In FTW
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When people walk away from their carts and leave them in my way I like to add some funny items to their cart.

Such as a frozen turkey, a 12 pack of beer, a couple of boxes of condoms, whatever is handy in the aisle they're parked in . . .


If I only had a dollar for every time I've saved gas . . . wait, I do!
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